Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE)

What are Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE)?


SAE for ALL - SAE For AllSAE projects are the third component of the three-circle model of agricultural education classroom. SAE projects are also known as experiential learning or work-based learning.Each student in my classroom is required to have an SAE project. Because of SAE projects, students receive 1.25 credit hours for my classroom. The additional .25 credit is due to the SAE project. The purpose of an SAE project is to provide students with opportunities to explore careers, develop work-place behavior and expectations, gain real world experience, and develop specific skills for an industry. Students have the option to do an entrepreneurship, job placement, school-based enterprise, and/or service-learning project. Before students begin their projects, students engage in career exploration, employability, financial management, and workplace safety lessons to help prepare them for their projects.

Students document their experiences and learning outcomes by keeping records on the agricultural experience tracker (AET) website. 

SAE - Sheyenne Valley Agricultural Education

Below you will read about current students and their SAE projects!



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