• A must read for MHS Parents

    A must read for MHS Parents

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You have goals for your kids - We have a plan to reach those goals.

Let’s be honest. We all want what’s best for our children, but it is confusing to know where to start. Marysville High School has lots of opportunities.

If you want your student to find his or her passion and begin the next chapter of life successfully, traditional school experiences aren’t going to cut it.

Ranked as one of the best programs in the state of Ohio, the Marysville Ag Science Program has provided hundreds of students with an unconventional approach to education. Whether your student is heading into the workforce or to college, the Marysville Ag Science Program will unlock his or her potential. 

Help your MHS student become career and college ready.


As a parent, you just want your kid to be happy and successful. We have a plan to help students with all types of interests find their passion. Our program will help your students win in the classroom, develop a plan for their future and get an edge against their peers.

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Monitoring Animal Health

Monitoring Animal Health

Student learned the importance of monitoring all aspects of animals. Usually one of the first signs that an animal isn't feeling well is a change in their fecal material.


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