Environmental & Natural Resource


ENR Pathway by Cody McClain


Course Descriptions

Food and Natural Resources 
Prerequisites: None 
Grade: 9‐10 recommended
Credit: 1.25 Elective 
This first course in the career field is an introduction to Agricultural and Environmental Systems. Students will be introduced to the scope of the Agricultural and Environmental Systems career field. They will examine principles of food science, natural resource management, animal science & management, plant & horticultural science, power technology, woodworking, welding and bioscience. Students will examine the FFA organization and Supervised Agricultural Experience programs. Throughout the course, students will develop communication, leadership and business skills essential to the agriculture industry. 


Electrical Power
Prerequisites: Enrolled/Passed Algebra I 
Grade: 10‐12 
Credit: 1 Advanced Science 

Students will diagnose, test and repair the electronic and electrical components found in industrial power equipment. Students will learn the physical principles of electricity and apply this knowledge in the maintenance, diagnostics and repair of electrical and electronic systems. Students will learn the physical and mathematical principles of electronics, controllers and sensors and will learn the operation of onboard computers and programmable controllers. Site and personal safety along with business and employability skills are emphasized throughout the course. Students will be building projects throughout this course. This course may be taken toward fulfillment of the 3rd credit of Science required for graduation.


Environmental Science
Prerequisite: None
Grade: 10‐12
Credit: 1.25 Advanced Science
Students will study relationships between organisms and their environment. Principles of biogeochemical cycles, air-water-land relationships, non-point pollution, and wetlands will be applied. Students will examine fundamentals of resource development, agriculture sustainability, energy needs and pollution control. They will analyze and interpret data gathered from studies on the ecosystem. Throughout this course, students will develop responses to environmental problems and develop management strategies for responsible conservation and resource development. Students will also be eligible to apply for College Credit for this class at any State Institution that offers an Environmental Science  program.



Wildlife & Fisheries
Prerequisite: None
Grade: 10‐12
Credit: 1.25 Advanced Science
Learners will apply the principles and practices of resource conservation and management to fish and wildlife populations. Students will learn proper wild animal handling techniques, principles of wildlife nutrition, inventory practices, water quality parameters and testing, and natural and artificial propagation. Learners will apply principles of facility design and layout for managing fish populations. Throughout the course, learners will research and evaluate the impacts of various land practices, legislation, and human activities on habitats and populations. We will be working with Ohio Department of Wildlife Officials and be conducting projects that pressing in local wildlife conservation and preservation. This course may be taken toward fulfillment of the 3rd credit of Science required for graduation. Student will also be eligible to apply for College Credit for this class at any State Institution that offers a Natural Resources program.



Agri-Business Management I
Prerequisite: None 
Grade: 11‐12 
Credit: 1.25 for class + up to 2.00 for work. *CTAG (College Credit)

Students will examine elements of business, identify organizational structures and apply management skills while developing business plans, financial reports and strategic goals for new ventures or existing businesses. Learners will use marketing concepts to evaluate the marketing environment and develop a marketing plan with marketing channels, product approaches, promotion and pricing strategies. Throughout the course, students will apply concepts of ethics and professionalism while implications of business regulations will be identified. Student will also be eligible to apply for College Credit for this class at any State Institution that offers an Agricultural Business program.


Agri-Business Management II
Prerequisite: Agri‐Business Management 
Grade: 12 
Credit: 1.25 for class and up to 2.00 for work

Learn how to run the day to day operations of a business. You will run all the business side of the FFA, while building relationships with local companies. You will be taking an active leadership role in FFA and learn vital communication skills. Be ready to run your own business with the skills taught in this class.


Prerequisite: None 
Grade: Instructor Approval 
Credit: 1.00 
This class is for upper level Ag students who have taken at least 2 Agricultural classes as a way for students to expand their learning. This class is more self‐directed in nature to allow for specialization for each student. To enroll in this class students must get instructor approval. Students will submit an application to AG Instructor to enroll.


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