Student Success Stories

Carol HamiltonOSU Extension Program Coordinator, Delaware CountyMHS Class of 2011

The Marysville Ag Science program allowed me to explore many career fields prior to my college career. Participation in the dairy foods, food science and agricultural engineering CDE led me to a degree in Food Science in Technology.

But some of the most important skills I learned through the program were in leadership, communication and personal relations. I use these skills every day when working with the Ohio State University Extension clientele.

My experiences in the MHS ag program helped shape my career and are continuing to influence my education, as I finish my M.S. in Agricultural and Extension Education this year.

Carol Hamilton
OSU Extension Program Coordinator, Delaware County
MHS Class of 2011

Elizabeth HayesBrant Performance Horses, Assistant TrainerMHS Class of 2012

Marysville FFA molded me into the business person that I am today. Not only did it teach me time management and record keeping skills, it taught me how to communicate with people and be a leader that someone can look up to. I use all three of these skills on a daily basis, running my business and teaching riding lessons.

Elizabeth Hayes
Brant Performance Horses, Assistant Trainer
MHS Class of 2012

Cori LeeStudentMHS Class of 2019

The agricultural science program has given me a place to call a home away from home. It is an amazing learning experience, both inside and outside of the classroom that has helped me grow into the person I am today. I am so grateful for the program that has given me lifelong leadership and career skills that will be useful far beyond high school.

Cori Lee
MHS Class of 2019

Ryan SchwynSummit Agricultural Group, Row Crop ManagerMHS Class of 2012

My experiences in the Marysville As Science program were crucial to my personal and professional development as a student. The program taught me skills and gave me knowledge that I use daily in my professional job. Skills like effective communication, leadership, and critical thinking are all essential to my success in my job. The experiential learning I gained from the ag program also gave me the hands on experience I needed to be a step ahead of many classmates in college. Many basic troubleshooting skills I learned from working with machinery in classes and competitions allow me to save my employer thousands of dollars, making me a more valuable employee.

Ryan Schwyn
Summit Agricultural Group, Row Crop Manager
MHS Class of 2012

Aubrey MoserStudentMHS Class of 2020

Marysville High School’s Ag Science program has allowed me to become educated in subjects that will affect my life. I plan on using what I learn today in my ag classes to prepare me for tomorrow, both for college and for my future career.

Aubrey Moser
MHS Class of 2020

Laci WelchSelect Sires, Laboratory TechnicianMHS Class of 2015

After four years of one of the best experiences of my life, I have gained the skills to be the leader and person that I am today, and I am so happy about that. Through all the sweet tears, no sleep long weekends, and great experiences I was able to become the person I am today and prepare myself for the real world.

When it came time to go to college, I decided not to go right after high school. But now, almost 2 years later, I am completing college all online.

I feel that Marysville Ag Science had a huge part in getting me ready for this and taught me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. This is all thanks to 4 great years.

Laci Welch
Select Sires, Laboratory Technician
MHS Class of 2015

I am currently a second year student attending The University of Cincinnati where I am pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with minors in Geology and Spanish and a certificate in Organizational Leadership. My future plans are to go into International Environmental Policy with a focus in water rights. I spent three years in the ag science program and even though I don’t study agriculture in college, my degree demands people who have a deep understanding of everything connected to the environment. Because of my time in the ag science program I have the unique opportunity to not only be an environmentalist but an agriculture advocate, and that’s something I truly get excited about. The ag science program is a multidisciplinary field of study that has allowed me to explore new ideas and skills that I could put into practical use in my work, after school activities, and other classes. Agriculture plays a part in our everyday lives and has a legitimate role in almost every industry. The ag program opened up a part of my world that I had not seen before, and I am forever grateful for my time spent in the many shops and classrooms. The ag program will have lasting impacts on everything I do, that’s something I am sure of.

Ryan Cook
Student, University of Cincinnati
MHS Class of 2016

David KeckStudent, The Ohio State UniversityMHS Class of 2014

The agricultural science classes I took in high school helped me in many ways. By taking classes such as Engines and Electronics I was able to decide on a future career path and major, which I am currently pursuing in Agricultural Engineering Power and Machinery at The Ohio State University. The career development events (CDE) gave me the skills needed to communicate and present myself in a professional manner. These skills have helped me get internships and scholarships as well as preparing me for the real world after school. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t use the skills or knowledge I gained during my time in the FFA.

David Keck
Student, The Ohio State University
MHS Class of 2014

While in high school, I had the pleasure of being involved in many agricultural education classes and FFA. Looking back, being in the ag program has impacted me in more ways than I can count. The ag program gave me the ability to be persistent on all projects, which is helpful throughout life. The ag program also gave me the ability to think outside of the box. Agriculture is different than other areas in the sense that not everything is black and white. You may have to be creative in your solutions to problems and explore all options, which will certainly help me in my nursing career. The ag program also gave me the initiative to be outgoing. The teachers taught me that I cannot wait for changes to happen. I must be the initiator and take control of what I want to happen, which I think will help me the most as I learn to be a nurse. There will be times that I have to take control of the situation in order to save patients. I am thoroughly confident that being a member of the Marysville ag program has given me the skills required to be successful in both my professional and personal life.

Kaitlyn Chapman
MHS Class of 2015

Walker HeardStudentMHS Class of 2019

The ag science classes have opened up more opportunities for me to plan my future. I have now found out about a lot more job opportunities that I have learned from the teachers and industry guests that have come in and talked.

Walker Heard
MHS Class of 2019

Maddie FrendbergStudent, The Ohio State UniversityMHS Class of 2016

When I first started high school, I already knew I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I wasn’t quite sure how to find something in high school that could help me learn more about the career. I learned of the FFA down in E wing of MHS and the Animal Science and Vet Science classes they offered (at the time, I was only interested in small animals and house pets). I immediately signed up for Introduction to Agriculture which was the freshman stepping stone into the department. The class, and the whole department, gave me an incredible opportunity to learn about agriculture from all perspectives - not just the animal side. The hands-on experience and specialized learning gave me a huge head start into college. I graduated from MHS as an FFA member all 4 years, took two Animal Science classes and served as a peer mentor in an animal science class as a senior. After years of dissections, and a locker filled with folders of cattle anatomy diagrams, I made a drastic change to my goal and decided I was going to specialize in large animal veterinary medicine. Now, I am starting my Sophomore year at The Ohio State University in Columbus majoring in Animal Science-Bioscience (Pre-Vet) with a minor in Meat Science within the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science. I cannot imagine where I would be without the teachers and peers I had to guide me in the ag science department at Marysville High School!

Maddie Frendberg
Student, The Ohio State University
MHS Class of 2016

Jessica WicklineBlue Willow Farms, Owner/Operator,

My time spent in the Marysville Ag Science program from my freshman year to my senior helped shape the person I am today. Over those four years the advisors and fellow members pushed me to be the best person I could be. I made wonderful connections with people that have gone above and beyond to help me achieve personal and professional goals. Even years after my graduation, I use the skills I have learned through the Ag Science program in my everyday life on the farm and at work. The experiences offered alone, are like no other program. The ag science program is truly a life altering program that helps build honest, working members of society, that strive for nothing but their best.

Jessica Wickline
Blue Willow Farms, Owner/Operator,

Randy TrappTrapp Farms, OwnerMHS Class of 1993

My involvement in the Marysville Ag Science program as a high school student made an impact on my life in many ways. Through ag science and FFA, I learned skills related to record keeping, crop production and land management. The development of leadership skills was another benefit of the program. I formed strong connections with lots of people in the ag industry which has provided lots of opportunities over the years.

Randy Trapp
Trapp Farms, Owner
MHS Class of 1993

Shae LeeperStudentMHS Class of 2017

My four years in FFA taught me so much about leadership, public speaking, working with others, and countless other things. The FFA provides so many opportunities for members. Between camps, conventions, and conferences I was able to meet so many amazing people, some of which were State and National Officers.

One of my favorite memories from FFA was Washington Leadership Conference, in Washington DC. It was an eye opening experience, reminding us to stay humble and to serve others.

Another great thing about the FFA are CDE’s (Career Development Events). These are competitions that teach us about agriculture and there are many to choose from.

At the end of the day FFA has taught me many skills pertaining to leadership that I will use throughout my life. My advice if you are considering joining FFA would be to make the most of it. Go on trips, run to be an officer, participate in different activities, and have fun with it. I will always cherish my time in the FFA!

Shae Leeper
MHS Class of 2017

In high school, being a part of FFA was more than just an extracurricular activity, it was a way of life and an experience that has impacted my personal and working life. After spending three years in the Ag Science department and serving my senior year as FFA Vice President, I proceeded to The Ohio State University, graduating in 2013 with a degree in Strategic Communication and Spanish. Soon after, I moved to San Diego, California to being a new chapter of life. It was in San Diego that I began to see how the ag science program I participated in really shaped how I interacted with others, viewed our natural resources and even spent my free time.

I now work at Harbor Pest Control as an Executive Assistant to the owner of the company. Harbor does residential fumigations and also commodity fumigations, working closely with the USDA on a daily basis to follow guidelines set to bring lumber into and out of the United States. Having an agricultural background has been advantageous in this environment as, aside from lumber, the majority of our work is to fumigate fruit and vegetable produce from South America.

The agricultural business course, taken my junior and senior year, helped give me a basic understanding of the mathematical, technical and financial aspect of any agriculturally-run company or organization. Outside of this, I also benefited from a culture that taught respect, hard work and honesty. I learned about professionalism and integrity that has flowed over into my family life and workplace. I am so thankful to have been a part of the ag science program and community at Marysville High School. I have the privilege, because of the ag science program, to see the world differently, in a way that has helped shape who I am and has impacted my future for the better.

Kate Zitello-Dominguez​​
Harbor Pest Control, Executive Assistant

Justin HollandMHS Graduate

I personally was never much for school but the hands on teaching and atmosphere kept me engaged. The classes were fun, exciting, and always keeping you on your toes. The topics and subjects within the FFA are very useful, including, order of business, welding, and grain marketing - and this is just a touch of what the FFA has helped me learn. I think back and see how much the general livestock judging helped with noticing good quality livestock. The fun trips and leadership programs FFA offers have always stuck in my memories and made me into the strong leader I am today!! Every FFA student should be proud to wear that FFA jacket and be part of an important and smart group of broad individuals!!

Justin Holland
MHS Graduate

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