Industry-Recognized Credentials

What is an industry-recognized credential?

    An industry-recognized credential is a verification of an individual’s qualification or competence. A third party with authority (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010) issues a credential. Industry-recognized credentials are valued in the labor market and are a validation of knowledge and skill. They can take many forms, including certifications, certificates, and licenses.

What’s in it for students?

The process of earning an industry-recognized credential allows students to experience education through work, about work and for work. Students learn more deeply by practicing and applying their knowledge through work and employment experiences – learning through work. They learn about workplace expectations in terms of professional skills needed for employment, as well as learning about career pathways and what the labor market for particular occupations looks like – learning about work. They also learn job-specific skills they will need to perform day-to-day tasks – learning for work.

The Marysville Ag Science Department offers the following credentials:

CPR/FirstAHA CPR Certification | Greenfield, WI

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-Hour General Industry (Agriculture) Training

Ohio Agribusiness Association-Agribusiness and Production Systems Certification

Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification

Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications CertificationElanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification | Animal science,  Science, Animals

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in American - Approved Veterinary Assistant

Ohio Certified Nursery Technician - Grower

Ohio Certified Nursery Technician - Landscape

Ohio Certified Nursery Technician -  Garden Center

Ohio Certified Nursery Technician -  Master TechnicianNew OSHA Inspection Program to Target Workplaces with Highest Injury and  Illness Rates | Food Manufacturing

Ohio Department of Agriculture - Commercial Pesticide Applicator License

Ohio Department of Agriculture - Private Pesticide Applicator License

Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician

Ohio Commercial Driver's License

Equipment & Engine Training Council

  • Compact Diesel Engine Certification Test
  • Components OPE Electrical Certification Test
  • Components Plus Certification Test
  • Driveline-Hydraulics Certification
  • Generator Certification
  • Two Stroke Gasoline Engines and Electrical Test
  • Four Stroke Gasoline Engines and Electrical Test
  • Reel Technology Certification Test


In 2021, we had the following:


Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science - 4 earned 

Elanco Veterinary Medical Applications Certification - 2 earned

122.1 - OSHA 10 hour General Industry - Agriculture - 18 earned 

Master Service Technician - 1 earned 

First Aid/CPR -  15 earned



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