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Help to support the organization that is home to many fond memories of your own, and while doing so allow other students to experience the same memorable moments and opportunities afforded to you!

There are multiple membership types, each offering much needed support to our local FFA Chapter.  Choose one that fits you best, and fill out the google form below. 


Membership Types:

Annual Membership - $20 yearly

At this level, your support helps to fund Alumni projects, such as offering FFA Jacket scholarships to students in need as well as financially supporting student activities that help foster a commitment to agriculture and build tomorrow’s leaders.  Your name is also included in the roster to receive mailings and updates on Chapter Success, as well as serve as a resource for identifying potential help in judging various contests or helping to operate our big annual fundraiser, the Judging Invitational.  

Lifetime Membership - $240 (one time payment)

This level of membership offers the most support to not only our local students, but also all Ohio FFA members.  In addition to the activities and scholarships mentioned above, this level of membership also contributes to funds that we receive from the State Alumni Association.  Simply put, the more Lifetime members we have, the bigger the kickback we get from the Ohio FFA Alumni.  This allows us to offer more scholarships to help pay for things like FFA Jackets, or student trips to Washington Leadership Conference, or even our local Academic Scholarship. 

Local Only, Volunteer Membership - $0 Free

We understand that not all can afford to join, but may be more than willing to help out in various fashions.  If you have a desire to help promote agriculture and the development of our youth into strong leaders, then that’s all it takes to become an alumni.  At this level of membership, we are able to add your name to our contact list to help run events and activities, help judge various contests, and be an essential advocate for the program.  We gladly appreciate your investment of time and talent!

Interested in getting more involved with the chapter? Please fill-out this form! 

Marysville Ag Science
800 Amrine Mill Rd
Marysville, Ohio 43040

Phone: (937)578-6307