Pathways Explanation

Students at Marysville High School have the opportunity to enroll in a pathway that meets their career goals.  Currently, the Agricultural Science department has several options with more in the works all the time.  These pathways are meant to guide students not only through our department but other general education credits as well.  Students have the opportunities to enroll in college/career preparatory classes as well as classes that students may take for college credit if they wish.  Students are not required to choose a pathway, but doing so may help students take the fast track to their career.  

The following are the current pathway options in the Agricultural Science department.  Contact an Agricultural Educator for more information about how you could take advantage of these new pathways!

  • Agricultural Education and Law
  • Ag Mechanics
  • Equipment Operator
  • Greenhouse Technician and Floral Design
  • Sports Turf and Landscape Management
  • Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  • Wildlife and Environmental Management





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